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Sean and Mini-me






Hello world! Welcome to my little collection of ones & zeroes. You are now on the threshold of something deeply solipsistic — a personal webspace hammered together to contain the ramblings and noodlings of one, Gordon MacLeod.

This site exists as a repository for ideas, experiments, writing — a laboratory to exercise and flex design and technical skills gleaned from over a decade in the new media trenches. The links on your left will tell more of the story.

A picture holds a 1000 words. Thus, about 40 gigs of text as photos are on this site. The web is just the latest twist on cave painting. I don't regale of my latest Yak hunting expedition on these pages, but there is enough evidence of my existence herein to challenge the credulity of even those who know me best....

Ahh well...I post therefore I am...cogito ergo checksum...

These kind of sites are always more about the “how” — the “why” we'll leave to historians of culture to divine the deep reasons people need to dangle their personal shingles in the noosphere.....

There are no pictures of my cat.

Mon Mar. 30 1:28 PM